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Recruiting &Staffing

Recruiting Executives for 20 years.  Flat Fee Process and Guarantee Available.  And for Staffing, many companies still use temp to perm hiring for office personnel and other similar positions.  JDL has been successful finding permanent help on the first hire.  This has saved companies time and money in training and pay.  We are successful because we treat each job opening as an important job to your company.  Your company impression starts with the answering of the phone.  We won't send you someone and hope it works.  We will send you the right one the first time.  Stop the frustrations. Let JDL show you a new way to hire.  A temp agency will have you pay twice the pay of the employee for six or seven months before you can hire them direct.  That can be an additional $7000 or more dollars out of your pocket over the cost of the individual.  Call us today and let us show you how to save and hire the best for less than half the cost a temp to hire will be.

We can also be hired to go through the hundreds of resumes you may receive for a job and do all the pre-interviewing and reference checking to narrow your selection to two or three. Ask us how it works.

Stop wasting valuable time and money.
 Let us show you how you can find the right person on the first hire.  Then let us show you how to retain these employees, creating loyalty and excitement about coming to work!  Contact us today.